Donica' Beckett, founder

Award-winning strategist, speaker and servant leader, Donica' (pronounced: d AA n - ick - uh) is a purpose-driven community investor, and the founder of Complete Package Publishing and Communications, LLC as well as DonicaBEmpowered Global. DonicaBEmpowered Global is a multidimensional personal wellness-empowerment brand, which acts as a "tree of life" for various branch initiatives to reach young professionals, women, and their families. As a seasoned public health professional, she is a researcher, epidemiologist, and educator of all ages, who is passionate about building healthier, wealthier legacies through wellness, empowerment, and philanthropy, globally.

As a top, sought-after orator, she has delivered over 40 and counting, messages, media interviews and award-winning scientific research presentations reaching hundreds of global citizens. A few of her recurring themes include: personal wellness, resiliency, and reproductive health. With a gentle, yet bold voice, her witty, relatable style engages and educates audiences of all ages. She also often finds herself among the "winner's circle" of competitive speakers. However, the most notable win for her is helping others use their voices for social good.

She is also a recipient of over 50 honors ranging from character and service to leadership, academics, and advocacy, including proclamations from City, County and State Officials. She holds several degrees in the fields of public health leadership and political science from the nation's most diverse universities. Donica' also takes pride in preparing the next generation of health equity leaders as a collegiate adjunct instructor.

One can consistently find her at the intersection of public health, education and social justice. Her civic work also includes: political action, board leadership, and community building and engagement. Over the course of her career, she has amassed over $1 million as a fundraising team member for various youth and community initiatives.

Her golden heart for global impact is rooted in the Pear Orchard neighborhood of her hometown, Beaumont, Texas.

Growing up, Donica' collected a variety of stuffed animals. She received her very first teddy bear as a newborn. It was the comfort and joy these brought her, which inspired the book character, Tickles the Brave Teddy™. As a child, she pretended to be a teacher, and shared many lessons with her stuffed animal "students". Her collection grew to include approximately 200 stuffed animals, overtime. They have since been donated for other children to love and enjoy.

Brave Like Me! Courageous Lessons About the COVID-19 Coronavirus and Healthy Coping for Children and Families Anytime is her debut picture book. Upon launching, Brave Like Me! ranked #4 on Amazon's Best Sellers list in Preventative Medicine and #1 New Release in both Preventative Medicine and Pediatrics categories.

Donica' enthusiastically enjoys mentoring young adults, supporting and participating in the arts, community service and perpetual learning. As a wellness enthusiast, she relishes an array of outdoor adventures, and exploring nature globally through her ongoing international and national travels.

And of course she enjoys quality time spent curling up with loved ones and good books, as well as naps, and sipping hot herbal tea on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.

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