Donica' Beckett, founder

Led by health communications expert and best-selling author, Donica' Beckett, Complete Package Publishing and Communications (CPPC) works to advance health equity and wellness through family health literacy.

"We believe that no society is complete without a collective voice (especially those of diverse families), which oppresses none, hence the company name, Complete Package." -Donica’

An early prolific writer, Donica's inventive imagination often seeped unto the private pages of her creative writing notebooks and journals as a young girl. Her zest for language arts was heavily recognized throughout grade school and high school, where she was selected to participate in the UIL Spelling and Vocabulary competition. She continued refining her craft and learning about publishing through her high school journalism class and yearbook staff involvement. This foundation led to the vast expansion of her portfolio through various collegiate student publications roles in sales, graphic design and editorial departments, eventually landing her, her own health column named, "The Remedy" at The Cougar, the University of Houston's student-run newspaper. Her writings have since grown and diversified into multiple mediums, including award-winning scientific publications, positively impacting communities far and wide.

As founder and social impact visionary behind CPPC, Donica’ uses her writing and speaking talent she has cultivated since childhood to enhance lives through dynamic words. Her company is a community-focused, mission-driven, family health literacy firm, unlike any other.

Using a social justice lens, CPPC publishes research-based books for families, to improve health literacy and health legacies. 

In doing so, we:
►Increase access to family health literature;
►Narrow gaps in health communication and literacy; and
►Promote diversity and inclusion in media and beyond.

To learn more about why we are committed to advancing health equity and wellness through family health literacy, and how you can help, read our blog (click here).

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Our Story: Advancing Health Equity Through Health Literacy for Families

Aug 09, 2021 by Donica' Beckett, founder

Imagine, as a child, being the last one picked (if at all) for a playground team. While not a game, the lack of health equity is an unlevel field leaving many families behind.